Daily Archives: 5 August, 2004

Painful Work Patterns

This is actually getting quite painful. I’ve now been at work for 13 hours straight, and for a total of 40 hours so far this week. Still; next week should be marginally better. The knackeredness I can deal with. What’s nasty is that I’m not… Continue reading

I’m Surrounded By Idiots

Conversation with a co-worker, who shall remain nameless: Her: Is anybody any good at Fireworks? Me: Yeh; you just light the blue touchpaper and run. But seriously, you ought’a be using Corel Photo-Paint. (I wander over to her desk, and see that she’s working with… Continue reading

Computer Hardware For Sale: Bargain Prices

Overclockers Australia is running an article, collecting together advertisements for computer hardware and software over the last quarter of a century. I’ve pulled out a few of my favourites: 1989 Tandy 500 MC Professional – only $8499; VGA graphics, 386/20MHz, 2MB RAM – this computer’s… Continue reading