Daily Archives: 1 September, 2004

Sick And Wrong Use Of Emacs

I’ve been made aware of an easter egg in emacs, a text editor. Fire up a copy of emacs, hit meta-X (alt-x), then type doctor to talk to an ELIZA-like chatbot. Better yet, type psychoanalyze-pinhead to… well… you’ll see… Have my two-tone, 1958 Nash METRO… Continue reading

World’s First Room-Temperature Plastic Magnet

New Scientist reports that researchers at the University of Durham have created the world’s first plastic magnet to work at room temperature (previous plastic magnets worked only at extremely low temperatures, typically measurable in double-digit Kelvins). I’m sure I’m likely to be corrected on some… Continue reading

Hide & Seek

Following the success of our last game of hide & seek in the Castle, Paul, Bryn, Claire and I went for another game last night. Ah; the simple joys of childish fun – legging it around a darkened ruin at night. Right up until silly… Continue reading