Monthly Archives: October 2004

Halloween In Aber

I’m a big bad wolf, it seems. And last night I, along with Little Red Riding Hood (Claire), Death (Bryn), Paul (Andy!), Judge Doom [barely] (JTA), Pinocchio (Matt), and Matt (not in costume… grr), went out to the Coopers Arms to see Pagan Wanderer Lu.… Continue reading

Good To Be In D.C.

The guys behind "This Land" have done it again – this time with "It’s Good To Be In D.C.". Requires Shockwave Flash – click here to watch!

ClaireMelton Wanted Even More Than MisterJTA

I’ve been playing around on RockMonkey a little much these last two days (it’s a wiki-based site I’ve helped Andy set up. Today, while browsing the WantedPages list (a list of pages that have been referenced by other pages but not yet defined) I noticed… Continue reading

The Onion’s “Election Day Guide”

The Onion have some tips for those who’s be voting next week, our friends on the other side of the pond. Worth reading.


Yay! I’ve got a page on RockMonkey. Plug.

The Mathematics Of Woman

Here’s a thought for you. We all know that women seem to take up a lot of time and money – in actual fact, having women is the product of time and money, which can be expressed thusly: women = time x money We also… Continue reading

A Great Wedding Was Had By All

Bryn, Paul, Claire and I went to Kit and Fiona‘s wedding this weekend. Despite the hideously long drive (almost 11 hours, with driver/navigator pairs driving and sleeping in shifts in order to maintain progress) throughout Friday night – and the equally long journey back on… Continue reading

Amused Me This Monday Morning

Two things of a religious nature that amused me this morning: The Rapture Index – what happens if you take the models used to predict global stock exchange behaviour and apply them to biblical prophecy about “the last days”. It’s funny, right up until you… Continue reading

Dumb McBrainfart

I can’t believe I’ve spent most of the morning wondering why a web site I’m working on (yes… actual work) kept causing Apache to crash, when I realised that I’d made a recursive function with no break condition, which caused the execution of a recursive… Continue reading

Wild Winter For Aberystwyth

All the usual old folks are saying that this winter could be even wetter and wilder than last year for Aberystwyth. We had a hailstorm come in from the sea, today, which battered quite marvellously at the front of our new sea-facing offices. The picture… Continue reading