Monthly Archives: January 2012



When he’s on autopilot, Dan’s been known to “toggle” things when he means to “set” them. And he can’t even blame it on being sleepy or concussed, it turns out… Continue reading

New Computer #2 – Dana


Dana is the second of the two new computers Dan’s acquired this month. She’s tiny, reasonably-powerful, and uses almost no electricity. Continue reading

The Nontheist Glossary


Dan talks about what the word “nontheism” means to him, as an umbrella term for a whole heap of other exciting words. He then goes on to criticise how he sees the word “nontheist” used today, in what he sees as further misuse of an already-confusing word. Continue reading

Marks & Spensive


Dan trolls shoppers in the queue behind him at Marks & Spencer. Continue reading

Looking for Wikipedia?

Dan explains how to get around the Wikipedia anti-SOPA/PIPA blackout, should you need to. Continue reading

Northern Radio


While standing in the shower and listening to a local radio station, in Lancashire, Dan considers the impact of moving around the country on his perception of different dialects. Continue reading

Village Of The Bunnies

To celebrate his birthday, Dan is joined by Ruth in an effort to construct a diorama of a gingerbread village under assault from enormous gelatinous bunny rabbits. Alcohol may have been involved. Continue reading

My Very Excellent Liz Just Brought Us Sixteen Pizzas


Dan saw in the New Year, highly intoxicated, in Macclesfield at the house of his friends Liz and Simon. There’s a video and everything. Continue reading

New Computer #1 – Tiffany2


This weekend, Dan built a new computer – Tiffany2 – to replace his aging media centre box. Continue reading

Five Beds


During his Christmas and New Year tour of the UK, Dan is offered the chance to sleep on no fewer than five separate beds. He’s not been quite so crass as to rank the crash spaces he was so-kindly offered in order of comfort, but he might as well have. Continue reading