Monthly Archives: March 2012

8-Bit Google Maps

Google Maps have started providing an “8-Bit Edition”, with retro-RPG-style map graphics, Dan observes. Continue reading

Fetch Quest


Dan muses on the nature of the “fetch quest” in video game RPGs, and how we as a culture may be shaped by them to such a point that they will one day become acceptable in the real world, not just on computer screens. And he plans to take advantage of that fact, when the day comes. Continue reading

Searching For A Virgin


GMail’s Contacts search surprises Dan by returning an unexpected result. Also, Dan is a beautiful person: his mobile phone says so. Continue reading

All Noise, No Product


After coming across a product called SonicNotify, Dan discovers that it is possible after all for somebody to invent a protocol that he’s not interested in trying out. Perhaps if it weren’t so full of fail… Continue reading

Remembering December 2003


Back in July 2004, Dan lost a lot of his older blog posts during a server malfunction. Now and then, he finds time to recover some of this deleted posts; like today, when he managed to get back everything he wrote in December 2003. Continue reading

Douglas of Drumlanrig


Dan finds himself falling right into a First World Problem when he discovers a love for a whisky that’s too rare for him to have whenever he likes. Continue reading

HDMI Virus, or How I Became An Old Person


HDMI cables are over-marketed at the best of times. But Dan’s just discovered one that goes one step further, claiming to do the fundamentally impossible. And then, like an old person, he writes an irate letter. Continue reading

London’s Olympic “Missile Defence”


As Britain prepares to increase anti-terror measures for the 2012 Olympic Games, Dan observes that putting missile bases into the capital city isn’t necessarily the smartest decision. Continue reading

Poly In The Media


The day before Valentine’s Day, Ruth, JTA and I gave an interview to a media and journalism student about the nature of our relationship. It went really well, and it pleased me a great deal to hear us all giving compatible answers to her questions, even on the few occasions when she asked us things that we haven’t really talked about before. Continue reading

The Tampon Gun


Dan reminisces about weaponising tampons, back in about 2003, and then going on a rampage. It’s like paintball, only far, far cheaper. Continue reading