Monthly Archives: May 2012

Signs Seen in Service Stations

Sign: "Alcohol purchases in this motorway service area can not be consumed inside or outside the premises."

After a few motorway service station visits, Dan wonders how to drink alcohol in a parallel dimension, and whether its okay for Costa to make light of addictions. Continue reading

Eurovision Spectacular 2012

2012 Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Night 2012 is on Saturday, and it’s time that we brought our disparate Eurovision Night Parties together via the power of the Internet. Let’s share the experience. Continue reading

Worst Weekend Of Cinema – Part 2

Piranha 3DD. Twice the terror. Double the D's.

In another bad cinema experience, Dan ends up watching the truly dreadful Piranha 3DD. Continue reading

Worst Weekend Of Cinema – Part 1

Avengers Assemble.

Dan goes to the cinema with Ruth and JTA, and they don’t watch a film. However, they do have a good old complain. Continue reading

Pay To Post

A screenshot of Facebook's new "Highlight" feature.

Facebook is to introduce a new feature that will allow you to pay to “promote” your posts above those of your friends’ other friends. Dan is reminded of Hashcash. Continue reading

On This Day In 2005


On this day in 2005, Dan received an unusual parcel. No, you’re not reading the same post twice… this is not a fault… just deja vu! Continue reading

A New Keyboard

The 'keyboard' that Adam had sent.

Dan already owns the best mouse in the world. Maybe it’s time for a new keyboard, too. But what’s this? Not what he expected, that’s for sure… Continue reading

Ageism, Nightline, and Counselling

A counselling session in progress.

As a trainee counsellor, I’ve had plenty of opportunity of late for self-analysis and reflection. Sometimes revelations come at unexpected times, as I discovered recently. Continue reading