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A long time ago, Dan dated a girl who would read several different horoscopes for her star sign, and pick the one she liked. And that wasn’t even the craziest thing about her. Continue reading

Surprises, e.g. a Brother-in-Law

Sarah and Richard announce to the rest of the family that they're now married.

While on the way to a stag night in Edinburgh, Dan stops to perform magic in Preston and is surprised to discover that his sister has secretly gotten married. Continue reading

Cosmo – Building A Watercooled PC (Part 1)

Lookin' for some hot stuff baby this evenin'. I need some hot stuff baby tonight. I want some hot stuff baby this evenin'. Gotta have some hot stuff. Gotta have some love tonight.

Mostly-irrationally, Dan decides that it’s time to build a new computer, and sets out to make a souped-up, liquid-cooled monster of a machine. This is the first part of that story. Continue reading

“Uncle Dan”

Dan rocking the baby, in the sunlight.

Dan reflects briefly on the birth of “tiny”, and the crazy week that’s come since, along with some adorable photos of the little rascal. Continue reading

Odd One Out?

Gypsies, a Turkey, a pan of French Fries, and the Kings of Leon

Which is the odd-one out: gypsies, turkeys, french fries, or the Kings of Leon? It’s a simple riddle, but it’s still better than whatever you’ve gotten out of your cracker. Continue reading

The Hardest Hangman

A hanged man being quartered by his executioner.

What’s the hardest possible word to guess in Hangman? Many have wondered, but Dan felt the need to find out for sure. Continue reading



Back in the summer, Dan went narrowboating with Ruth, JTA, and Matt P, and the experience slowed his thinking so much that it took him several months to blog about it. Continue reading

Pen testing

De Klerk, by Philip van Djik.

When testing a pen, some people write their name, some people scribble, and some write something. Dan looks at the history of testing pens, and shares his thoughts on what we can learn from the way that people go about testing a pen. Continue reading

The Ambassador’s Notebook (Murder Mystery)

Dean is accused of the murder.

Dan, Ruth and JTA host a murder mystery party based on a kit given to them for free by new outfit Daggerville Games, and have a wild time. Here’s Dan’s review, including a video of some of the night’s highlights. Continue reading

Wanted: Two Murder Suspects

The Ambassador's Notebook

With apologies for the short notice, Dan, Ruth and JTA seek players for a murder mystery party this weekend! Can you come? Continue reading