Posts written by Scatman Dan

Manifold Greatness

Dan visits Manifold Greatness, an exhibition on the history of the translation of the King James Bible hosted by his new employer. Continue reading

Deliciously Silly Password Restrictions


After being reminded that social bookmarking service exists, Dan logs in and gives it a go. His first experience with its new version… isn’t terribly promising. Continue reading

Bank Security

Dan tries to tell a bank that their website is insecure. You’d think it’d be easier than this. Continue reading

The Murder Mystery Where Nobody Was Murdered


After weeks of procrastination, Dan (finally!) gets around to writing about Earth’s last Murder Mystery Night – Murder… Way Out West! Continue reading

A Small World Conspiracy

Dan is contacted by somebody he met many years ago in a chance meeting, which quickly goes on to lead to an even more bizarre coincidence… Continue reading

With The Bod


Dan gets close to the end of his first week working for the Bodleian Libraries, and looks back on his experience so far. Continue reading

The Final Hours


It’s Dan’s final day working for SmartData: on Monday, he starts his new job at the Bodleian Library. As I’m sure you might have guessed, he has a nice, relaxing weekend planned between the two… Continue reading

The Crack


Dan defines esotericism for a man who’s repairing his floorboards. That is all. Continue reading

Best April Fools Pranks 2011

Dan points out some of his favourites among the April Fools’ pranks from around the web this year. Continue reading

World Backup Day


Dan encourages you to make backups, or to check that your existing backups are working, as part of your celebration of World Backup Day. Stop procrastinating and go do it. Continue reading