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Edinburgh 2012 – Day Six

Ruth. I'm proud of her.

Another day at the Edinburgh Fringe: comedy, whisky, a museum… and telling a room full of strangers about your unusual relationship configuration. Twice. Continue reading

Edinburgh 2012 – Day Two

JTA and I have had quite a lot of whisky in the last hour or so.

Dan’s second day at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival sees magic, comedy, and lots and lots of whisky. Also a little cheese. Continue reading

Signs Seen in Service Stations

Sign: "Alcohol purchases in this motorway service area can not be consumed inside or outside the premises."

After a few motorway service station visits, Dan wonders how to drink alcohol in a parallel dimension, and whether its okay for Costa to make light of addictions. Continue reading

Douglas of Drumlanrig


Dan finds himself falling right into a First World Problem when he discovers a love for a whisky that’s too rare for him to have whenever he likes. Continue reading

Village Of The Bunnies

To celebrate his birthday, Dan is joined by Ruth in an effort to construct a diorama of a gingerbread village under assault from enormous gelatinous bunny rabbits. Alcohol may have been involved. Continue reading

Earth Sunset

As regular readers will no-doubt know, the other Earthlings and I are currently in the process of moving house. Last weekend, as well as watching the Eurovision Song Contest, of course, we packed a lot of boxes (mostly stuffed with board games) and moved a… Continue reading

Please Drink This Alcohol-Free Beer Responsibly

Huh? * How am I expected to irresponsibly enjoy an alcohol-free beer? By selling it to people as “the real stuff”? It’s certainly not by drinking it – you’d have to drink somewhere in excess of one-hundred and sixty-seven bottles of Beck’s Blue, for example,… Continue reading

Pickled Eggs

Went for a pint with Paul and Kit at the Ship & Castle, which eventually turned into a long trek through over a dozen Aberystwyth pubs in search of pickled eggs. A secondary highlight of the evening was my phone call to Rummers Wine Bar,… Continue reading

Carribean Night

It’s not often you plan an entire evening around one ingredient… which turns out not to have anything to do with the food… Kit: “What’re we going to do with these coconuts?” (holds up two coconuts) Two hours later, we’re sipping pina coladas, eating carribean-style… Continue reading

Paul In Aber

Paul made it to Aber. Woo and indeed hoo. He, Bryn, Kit, Claire, and I went to the beach and drank beer and ate pizza to celebrate. Then Claire and I took turns in an inflatable dingy and I got soaked as a wave leapt… Continue reading