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A Small World Conspiracy

Dan is contacted by somebody he met many years ago in a chance meeting, which quickly goes on to lead to an even more bizarre coincidence… Continue reading

BiCon: The Game

I shan’t be at BiCon this year, but I thought I’d share with you all something that tickled me today. Last year, at a Naked Lunch, I ended up chatting to several geeks about Interactive Fiction, and I through out a few ideas for a… Continue reading

The 17 Blog Posts That Weren’t

It may come as a surprise to you that the stuff I write about on my blog – whether about technology, dreams, food, film, games, relationships, or my life in general – isn’t actually always written off-the-cuff. To the contrary, sometimes a post is edited… Continue reading

Post-BiCon Disasters

It’s not all fun and games, though. In fact, it feels like it’s going to be one of those weeks. When I got back from BiCon, I discovered that somehow, in my absence, my fridge/freezer has gotten turned down to the lowest setting, turning it… Continue reading

BiCon 2009

This weekend, I was at BiCon 2009 (my third BiCon – I guess that makes it a tradition), and it was awesome. Here’s a short summary of the highs and lows: Travel Worcester’s closer than I remembered, and – once Claire‘d gotten used to the… Continue reading

BiCon 2009 Registration Is Open!

It’s that time of year again: registration for BiCon 2009 is now open! Claire and I will be going, as usual (and, in accordance with the tradition, as this’ll be our third year on the trot, it’ll become tradition that we go), and you’re welcome… Continue reading

Toilets With Urinals? Toilets Without Urinals?

Remember this picture I took at BiCon this year? Looks like as a concept it’s going to become not-so-strange, according to a report in Metro: University students open trans-gender toilets.

Pictures From The Weekend

I couldn’t (easily) post these pictures while out-and-about, so I thought I’d share them now: The tailbackon the M6. That’s a serious amount of traffic at a complete standstill, and people million about on the carriageway. In the distance, in the first one, you can… Continue reading

Back From BiCon

Just got back the The Cottage after the drive home from BiCon. Where’d we get to at the end of the previous post…? Ah, yes… Naked Lunch Saturday was amazingly oversubscribed. One attendee, a regular to Naked Lunches for the last 10 years or so,… Continue reading

BiCon Fun And Games

It’s been hard to find time to post a blog entry here, with everything that’s been going on. Here’s the quick rundown so far: Thursday. Arrived. Checked in. Accommodation is a lot like Penbryn, for those who know what I mean, although with bigger (but… Continue reading