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A New Look


Dan redesigns the theme for scatmania.org, returning to sans-serif fonts and shades of blue… plus a few modern CSS features that he’d wanted to play with… Continue reading

Remembering December 2003


Back in July 2004, Dan lost a lot of his older blog posts during a server malfunction. Now and then, he finds time to recover some of this deleted posts; like today, when he managed to get back everything he wrote in December 2003. Continue reading

Instead Of Blogging…


In a declaration of ‘blog bankruptcy’, Dan lists all of the topics that he’d hoped to have blogged about during the last (very busy!) month, and gets on with writing about other things. He’s been busy! Continue reading

On This Day In 2003


Today is the ninth birthday of Dan’s blog on scatmania.org. Okay, okay, so he’s actually been blogging in some form or another for almost four years longer than this, but it’s still cool, however you look at it. Continue reading

Abnib Lives On

After receiving complaints, Dan goes back on his decision to let Abnib die, and revitalises it with a new lease on life as Abnib 7.0, for the benefit of those half-dozen people who still for some reason regularly use it. Continue reading

New Look, New Protocols


This website’s been updated with a shiny new theme and an exciting (well, if you’re a geek) new IPv6 address. Read more about the changes here and let Dan know what you think by leaving a comment. Continue reading

Thursday Afternoon

Good progress at work today, easily catching up on the things I didn’t get done yesterday on account of having been at the Royal Welsh Show. AbNib is proving itself popular, but I’m still not happy with it: there are a load of really cool… Continue reading


I’m almost ready to launch AbNib (main site may be down during development, but try the temporary mirror), a site dedicated to the weblogs of Aberites: people who live in or love Aberystwyth. There are some funky new and cool features to come. But this… Continue reading

Uninteresting Blogging

I really hate uninteresting blogs. The kind which consists of a single entry every week or two, and every time it states “Sorry I haven’t made any updates recently. (insert excuse here) I’ve not been up to much recently anyway.” Every week! Sad but true.… Continue reading

Thoughts Of Tuesday

Cycling home last night I realised once again quite what a happy bunny I am. I enjoy my job, for which I am paid very reasonabley. I live in a town that I love, and I’m surrounded by good friends. And, above all else, I… Continue reading