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The Hardest Hangman

A hanged man being quartered by his executioner.

What’s the hardest possible word to guess in Hangman? Many have wondered, but Dan felt the need to find out for sure. Continue reading

What’s Wrong With Monopoly?

Monopoly (British Edition) in its current branding

Monopoly enjoys cult status and a massive following the world over, yet it’s one of the worst imaginable board games. In a long-promised blog post, Dan explains why he hates the world’s most-popular game. Continue reading

Non-transitive Games

A "Grimes" style set of 3 non-transitive dice. Notice the unusual numbering.

Dan learns about non-transitive games, writes a program to calculate the probabilities of winning a non-transitive dice game, and gives you a non-transitive coin game to play for yourself! Continue reading

Edinburgh 2012 – Day Four

(Veggie) haggis stovie (in a mug), a bowl of oatcakes, and a pint of beer.

Dan, Ruth and JTA trek out to Leith and get very wet. And play disappointing board games. But they do get some good beer and delicious food. Continue reading

Three Parties

Matthew and Katherine cut the cake in the garden of the Quaker Meeting House.

After three consecutive weekends of parties, it’s no wonder than Dan’s so tired. Andy’s birthday, Earth’s Summer Party, and a wedding. Continue reading

My Very Excellent Liz Just Brought Us Sixteen Pizzas


Dan saw in the New Year, highly intoxicated, in Macclesfield at the house of his friends Liz and Simon. There’s a video and everything. Continue reading

Instead Of Blogging…


In a declaration of ‘blog bankruptcy’, Dan lists all of the topics that he’d hoped to have blogged about during the last (very busy!) month, and gets on with writing about other things. He’s been busy! Continue reading

Spirit of the Century

Dan and the other Earthlings play “Spirit of the Century”, a roleplaying game set in the style of the pulp novels of the early 20th century. Continue reading

Apples To Alternative Vote

The Earthlings invent a new and topical variant on board game Apples To Apples, to commemorate the upcoming Alternative Vote referendum. Continue reading

The Board Games Are Breeding

While taking a break from coding to pack boxes in anticipation of the Earthlings’ upcoming house move, Dan realises that his board games must be breeding. Continue reading