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Rave Reviews for Your Password Sucks

You are a target. Your password is weak. Attacks are on the rise. You can protect yourself.

After running a breakout session entitled “Your password: how bad guys will steal your identity” at the 2012 UAS Conference, Dan gets rave reviews. Nice. Continue reading

Quiet On Set


When you watch The Quiet Ones, listen out for Dan cycling past, complaining the whole way about the film crew that have taken up camp between him and his office. Continue reading

A Surprise Christmas Gift


A surprise package arrives outside Dan’s office door. What’s inside? A whole heap of goodness, that’s what. Continue reading

QR Codes of the Bodleian


For the Bodleian Libraries’ latest exhibition, Treasures of the Bodleian, Dan’s produced some unusual QR codes to sit alongside the exhibits. Continue reading



Some people are goldfish, and some people are midgets. Dan’s a goldfish. What are you? Continue reading

Work Calendar [NSFW?]


Dan is momentarily alarmed by an abstract art piece – supposedly inspired by a flower – that appears in his office’s calendar. Might be NSFW? Continue reading

Instead Of Blogging…


In a declaration of ‘blog bankruptcy’, Dan lists all of the topics that he’d hoped to have blogged about during the last (very busy!) month, and gets on with writing about other things. He’s been busy! Continue reading

First Class Film

Dan watches X-Men: First Class, and spots his office in the background during a part of the film. No; not the part with the battle between the jetfighter and the levitating submarine. Continue reading

Fonts of the Ancients

Man standing on two giraffes.

Dan adds UTF-8 support to the CMS that powers the Bodleian Libraries’ websites, and ponders how he’d justify the scope of Unicode to a (hypothetical) time-traveling scribe from ancient Egypt. Continue reading

My New Pet Hate, part II

Dan shares a screenshot of a screenshot within a screenshot.
I N C E P T I O N. Continue reading