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Wear Your Cycle Helmet

Bus/cycle lane heading South on Banbury Road.

Today, Dan was involved in a collision between his bike and a car, and sustained minor injuries. But if it wasn’t for his cycle helmet, it could have been a lot worse. Continue reading

Oxford Under Water

From the bridge, it's clear how much the waters have risen.

Parts of Oxford have flooded, making it difficult for Dan to cycle to work. Difficult… but not impossible! Wellies on, Dan sets out into the disaster zone. Continue reading



When he’s on autopilot, Dan’s been known to “toggle” things when he means to “set” them. And he can’t even blame it on being sleepy or concussed, it turns out… Continue reading

Back To School


Next week is half-term. Why does that matter? Because for the first time in almost ten years, Dan is back in education and studying towards a Certificate in Counselling at Aylesbury College. Continue reading

Wake Me Up When September Begins


Between the death of his old phone, a couple of different health-related issues, and now the theft of his bike, Dan’s having a pretty shitty month. Let’s hope that September’s better. Continue reading

Beware: Necrophiliac Paramedics!

If Dan is killed on his way to work and his lifeless body is raped by a necrophiliac paramedic, it’s JTA’s fault. You read it here first. Continue reading


Dan says thanks to everybody who, upon hearing about his dad’s injury, passed on their “get well soon” wishes. Continue reading

The Race


In the style of a middle class, suburban Max Max, Dan fights for his honour on the tough streets of Oxford. Continue reading

What I Learned About Democracy, Injury, Packing & Friendship

Dan has a busy weekend of packing boxes, promoting better democracy, fretting about his dad, and socialising with a new-found friend. There was a royal wedding in there and a trip down the river to a pub, too, but those aren’t mentioned in this blog post. Except right here. Continue reading

Well That’s Confusing

My dad… is in Aberystwyth. And I’m not. That’s a little unusual. He’s mid-way through a cycle tour of Wales, and sat in Wetherspoons to avoid the rain. If you happen to see him, cheer him on for me.