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Hello 2013: Goodbye 2012

Ruth's pregnancy test, showing "pregnant".

In a belated blog post, Dan looks back on 2012, and describes it as one of the hardest years of his life. Continue reading

A Broken Oath

A close-up of my dad's Will, showing where it was clearly re-stapled.

You wouldn’t have thought it possible to incorrectly witness an oath or affirmation, would you? But somehow, a solicitor that Dan paid did exactly that. Continue reading

4 Things You Should Do When Writing A Will (Which My Dad Didn’t)

While acting as executor for his father’s estate, there have been four particular problems with Dan’s dad’s Will that have made the task monumentally more-challenging than it might have been. Here are four things that Dan’s dad should have done to make Dan’s job easier. Continue reading

A Bus Called Peter

I hold a bottle of Guinness in preparation of "breaking" it over the front of the bus.

Dan attends a ceremony to name a bus after his father, who died earlier this year, and surprises everybody present by pouring beer over the front of the new vehicle. Continue reading

The Coroner’s Inquest

My dad, climbing, moments before his accident.

Dan provides reflections on his trip to Kendal for the coroner’s inquest on his father’s death, five months after he fell from a cliff in the Lake District. Continue reading

Signs Seen in Service Stations

Sign: "Alcohol purchases in this motorway service area can not be consumed inside or outside the premises."

After a few motorway service station visits, Dan wonders how to drink alcohol in a parallel dimension, and whether its okay for Costa to make light of addictions. Continue reading

Worst Weekend Of Cinema – Part 2

Piranha 3DD. Twice the terror. Double the D's.

In another bad cinema experience, Dan ends up watching the truly dreadful Piranha 3DD. Continue reading

Top of the World

My dad, "dressed for cold weather", according to my sister.

This weekend, Dan’s father finally made it to the North Pole, as part of his charity trek, albeit in the form of his cremated ashes being carried by another member of his polar team. Continue reading

Personal Effects


Dan’s been working on sorting out his late father’s estate and his personal effects. Some people have been helpful; others, less so. Continue reading

Ashes to Ashes (The Funeral of Peter Huntley)


Dan’s dad’s funeral was this Friday. Here, he provides photos, videos, and a write-up of what turned out to be a spectacular and well-deserved send-off for a larger-than-life man, who’ll be sadly missed. Continue reading