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On This Day In 2003


Dan looks back on the very first time he juggled flaming clubs, and wraps this up in the story of how he learned to juggle in the first place. Continue reading

The 17 Blog Posts That Weren’t

It may come as a surprise to you that the stuff I write about on my blog – whether about technology, dreams, food, film, games, relationships, or my life in general – isn’t actually always written off-the-cuff. To the contrary, sometimes a post is edited… Continue reading

Keeping Me Up

Had another strange dream a few nights ago (my blog posts are being published with a bit of a delay on them, at the moment, for reasons I might discuss in another blog post!) that I thought I’d share, before waking up early and being… Continue reading

Uncommon Occurances

I didn’t sleep well; I woke up several times throughout the night. On the upside, I have a strong recollection of three distinct yet inter-related dreams: Dream I: Alex and the Accident I came into work as normal and spoke to Alex, my co-worker. He’d… Continue reading

Two Recent Dreams

Summaries of two dreams I’ve had recently: The Parrot Faye was moving out of her family home and into a flat of her own, and as it was small, she wasn’t able to provide sufficient space for all of her many critters, so she rehomed… Continue reading

Mi Parolas Esperanton! (Apenaŭ)

Antaŭ pluraj semajnoj, mi havis sonĝo. Mi sonĝis de mi parolas Esperanton. Neniu rajtas diri mi ne postiras mia sonĝoj, ĉar mi komencis lerni la lingvo! (sed mi bezonis vortaron por skribis jenon) Translation of my very rough-and-ready multilingual work, above: Several weeks ago, I… Continue reading

Vanilla Sky, A Letter, And A Trip

VANILLA SKY Perhaps Vanilla Sky wasn’t the best choice of film to finish Troma Night last night on, based on the dream I had: I dreamt that I was dreaming, and that during that inner dream I became lucid [not so hard, actually, and something… Continue reading

How To Make Money, You Hobo – A Cautionary Tale

Last night I had a particularly vivid and unusual dream: JTA and I were homeless and living on the streets of some foreign city (it was somewhat reminiscent of London, but most folks spoke French, so I guess it wasn’t); jobless, hungry, and generally sleeping… Continue reading

Curry And Penny

Went out last night for curry and beer to celebrate Paul‘s birthday (yes, we’re all well aware that Paul’s birthday was almost a month ago, but this was the first chance we’d had to really get together and make an ocassion of it). It was… Continue reading

Further Disturbances From Dan’s Sleepy Head

Two more particularly strange dreams last night, probably owing at least slightly by the amount I drank at the SmartData Christmas meal, beforehand… and perhaps owing more to the phase I’ve been going though of consistently remembering what are usually quite trippy dreams. I’ve not… Continue reading