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Surprises, e.g. a Brother-in-Law

Sarah and Richard announce to the rest of the family that they're now married.

While on the way to a stag night in Edinburgh, Dan stops to perform magic in Preston and is surprised to discover that his sister has secretly gotten married. Continue reading

“Uncle Dan”

Dan rocking the baby, in the sunlight.

Dan reflects briefly on the birth of “tiny”, and the crazy week that’s come since, along with some adorable photos of the little rascal. Continue reading

The Family Vlog

Becky and Sarah in the front of Becky's car, as seen in "IRL - Week 8". Sarah's boyfriend Richard, and my mother, can be seen in the back seats.

Dan introduces his sister’s weekly vlog, and his own review vlog (reviewing his sister’s weekly vlog), along with playlist links and “getting started” points. Continue reading

Second Time Lucky

Ruth's pregnancy test, showing "pregnant".

Ruth’s pregnant! That’s all, really, but you can click through to the blog post for a little more information, if you like. Continue reading

Days Like Weeks


Dan keeps himself busy with the latest Three Rings release, the Three Rings 10th Birthday Conference, a counselling exam, and the UK Bus Awards. Phew! Continue reading

A Broken Oath

A close-up of my dad's Will, showing where it was clearly re-stapled.

You wouldn’t have thought it possible to incorrectly witness an oath or affirmation, would you? But somehow, a solicitor that Dan paid did exactly that. Continue reading

4 Things You Should Do When Writing A Will (Which My Dad Didn’t)

While acting as executor for his father’s estate, there have been four particular problems with Dan’s dad’s Will that have made the task monumentally more-challenging than it might have been. Here are four things that Dan’s dad should have done to make Dan’s job easier. Continue reading

A Bus Called Peter

I hold a bottle of Guinness in preparation of "breaking" it over the front of the bus.

Dan attends a ceremony to name a bus after his father, who died earlier this year, and surprises everybody present by pouring beer over the front of the new vehicle. Continue reading

The Coroner’s Inquest

My dad, climbing, moments before his accident.

Dan provides reflections on his trip to Kendal for the coroner’s inquest on his father’s death, five months after he fell from a cliff in the Lake District. Continue reading

Living In The Future

A Google+ Hangout with my family and I.

Google+ Hangouts makes multi-user video conferencing so easy that even Dan’s mother can do it. It’s like living in the future. Continue reading