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Leave Me

Just wanted to share with you all a short film I discovered today, Leave Me, in which a recent widower deals with his grief through his wife’s broken digital camera. It’s only about five minutes long, but it’s absolutely breathtaking. And… I think there’s something… Continue reading

Easter Egg Hunting, Gravity Hooking, and Geocachers You Might Know

This afternoon, like last year, we took the opportunity to spend Easter Sunday hiding one another’s Easter eggs in the woods and then running around looking for them. For some reason, this year Rory didn’t want me to be responsible for hiding his egg (something… Continue reading

Zero Punctuation Reviews Duke Nukem Forever

And it’s a work of art. Go watch it.

SmartData’s Christmas Message

In case anybody’s interested, SmartData‘s animated Christmas card (with a little help from JibJab) is now online. Watch it here.

Arrow Tag

Here’s a fab little Flash game I just discovered: Arrow Tag. I’ve just won with a time of 14 minutes and 35 seconds. Think you can beat me?

A Town Called Eureka Presents “Troma Night”

Matt made a blog post about a TV series – A Town Called Eureka – which he’s been watching. In episode 4 (which has just been broadcast in the UK, two weeks behind the US schedule) several of the characters get together in a cramped… Continue reading

The Mangohol Experiment – Day Two

Flushed with success at my wine-making efforts (which have ranged from “barely drinkable” to “good”) over the last few months, I thought I’d turn my hand to fermenting some different kinds of fruits in my spare time. The first of these that I decided to… Continue reading


Duality, my main desktop PC at home, has been misbehaving, and I’ve had to take it to pieces, both virtually (tracing driver DLL calls – yum!) and physically (computer components littering the floor, etc.). It’s been two years since it’s last reformat/reinstall, which is a… Continue reading

Card Protector

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More Flash: “Second Term”

Jon has posted to his blog about "Second Term", JibJab‘s most recent parody of the American policial system (you’ll remember It’s Good To Be In D.C. and This Land, which I blogged about earlier). In any case, the versions you’ll find on JibJab and Yahoo… Continue reading