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Buying a House, Part 3

A 22-page form; each page is double-sided for added insanity.

In the third blog post in this series, Dan, Ruth and JTA acquire some lawyers, fill out a mortgage application, and discover that the house that they’ve been looking at is built on an Indian Burial Ground! No, wait, scratch that last thing. Continue reading

Jury Duty, Part 4

Scene from 12 Angry Men. Henry Fonda explains his vote of "not guilty".

Dan’s jury service comes to an end, and he looks back on it as he fills in his expenses claim form and contemplates tandems. Continue reading

Jury Duty, Part 3

A court clerk shufles a deck of 15 slips of paper.

As part of his ongoing jury duty, Dan serves on a trial. And while he can’t write about the trial itself, he can tell you all kinds of other things… Continue reading

Jury Duty, Part 2

Oxford Crown and County Court, on St. Aldates, Oxford.

Dan’s done his first day of jury service, in which he mostly sat around in a waiting room and watched a patronising DVD. Continue reading

Jury Duty, Part 1

My Jury Summons, showing my juror number and instructions on what a Jury Summons means. Parts are censored to protect my address and details that could make it possible for somebody to impersonate me as a juror.

Dan’s been called for jury service. Naturally, he’s going to be blogging about it (except for the bits that he legally can’t, of course). Continue reading

A Broken Oath

A close-up of my dad's Will, showing where it was clearly re-stapled.

You wouldn’t have thought it possible to incorrectly witness an oath or affirmation, would you? But somehow, a solicitor that Dan paid did exactly that. Continue reading

4 Things You Should Do When Writing A Will (Which My Dad Didn’t)

While acting as executor for his father’s estate, there have been four particular problems with Dan’s dad’s Will that have made the task monumentally more-challenging than it might have been. Here are four things that Dan’s dad should have done to make Dan’s job easier. Continue reading

The Coroner’s Inquest

My dad, climbing, moments before his accident.

Dan provides reflections on his trip to Kendal for the coroner’s inquest on his father’s death, five months after he fell from a cliff in the Lake District. Continue reading

Visitor Tracking Without Cookies (or How To Abuse HTTP 301s)

British Telecom's implementation of the new cookie laws. Curiously, if you visit their site using the Opera web browser, it assumes that you've given consent, even if you click the button to not do so.

A technique for abusing HTTP 301 redirects and random numbers to uniquely track users; even those who have cookies disabled in their web browsers. Continue reading

Poly and the Census – Success! (almost)

After much to-ing and fro-ing, the Freedom of Information Act request that a fellow blogger made to the Office of National Statistics, on the subject of households with individuals in non-monogamous relationships or with non-binary genders, has begun to yield results. Dan comments on the findings. Continue reading