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Buying A House, Part 6

Dan is handed keys and a bottle of sparkling wine by Mark, the estate agent.

The epic conclusion to the Buying A House series, in which Alec comes over and helps Dan, Ruth, JTA and Matt move an incredible amount of furniture and boxes from New Earth to their new house: Greendale. Continue reading

Buying a House, Part 4 – Call To Arms!

Can you help Dan, Ruth and JTA to move house on 27th & 28th July? They need your help! Continue reading

Buying a House, Part 1

A very pink attic bedroom.

Dan, Ruth, and JTA are looking for a new house, and their first opportunity to buy a home. Dan discovers that it’s an intimidating experience to offer up huge sums of money for a home! Continue reading

Content Freeze

After a significant blow to the head, Dan loses the ability to write to his long-term memory for several hours. Hilarity ensues. Continue reading

Earth Sunset

As regular readers will no-doubt know, the other Earthlings and I are currently in the process of moving house. Last weekend, as well as watching the Eurovision Song Contest, of course, we packed a lot of boxes (mostly stuffed with board games) and moved a… Continue reading

Who’s Your Daddy?


Days before he and the other Earthlings move out of Old Earth forever, Dan finally gets to have a conversation with his neighbour. And his poor mind is damaged forever by the experience. JTA’s probably will be, too, when he reads this… Continue reading

What I Learned About Democracy, Injury, Packing & Friendship

Dan has a busy weekend of packing boxes, promoting better democracy, fretting about his dad, and socialising with a new-found friend. There was a royal wedding in there and a trip down the river to a pub, too, but those aren’t mentioned in this blog post. Except right here. Continue reading

The Board Games Are Breeding

While taking a break from coding to pack boxes in anticipation of the Earthlings’ upcoming house move, Dan realises that his board games must be breeding. Continue reading

Finding my Geographic Centre


What do you get if you take the average location between all of the places you’ve ever lived? Dan tried this, and it turns out that his geographical centre point is only a quarter hour’s drive away from where his parents live, even without weighting. How will it be affected by his house move, later this year? Continue reading

All Along The Watchtower

Ruth, JTA, and I have found our way to Earth – our new home, in Oxford – after the most exhausting house move I’ve ever done. Particular challenges in getting things to Earth included: My mountainous quantities of stuff, and in particular the things that… Continue reading