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The Family Vlog

Becky and Sarah in the front of Becky's car, as seen in "IRL - Week 8". Sarah's boyfriend Richard, and my mother, can be seen in the back seats.

Dan introduces his sister’s weekly vlog, and his own review vlog (reviewing his sister’s weekly vlog), along with playlist links and “getting started” points. Continue reading

The Signal and the Noise

The Signal and The Noise

Dan says nice things about Andy’s new album, The Signal and the Noise, and offers to post his “spare” copy to you. Want it? Continue reading

Eurovision Spectacular 2012

2012 Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Night 2012 is on Saturday, and it’s time that we brought our disparate Eurovision Night Parties together via the power of the Internet. Let’s share the experience. Continue reading

A New Keyboard

The 'keyboard' that Adam had sent.

Dan already owns the best mouse in the world. Maybe it’s time for a new keyboard, too. But what’s this? Not what he expected, that’s for sure… Continue reading

Instead Of Blogging…


In a declaration of ‘blog bankruptcy’, Dan lists all of the topics that he’d hoped to have blogged about during the last (very busy!) month, and gets on with writing about other things. He’s been busy! Continue reading

I went to an REM concert


Dan makes a bad joke based on REM lyrics, but with a morsel of truth within. Continue reading

Weird Music Only Paul Likes

Dan finally works out where Paul gets his weird music from. Continue reading

Earth Sunset

As regular readers will no-doubt know, the other Earthlings and I are currently in the process of moving house. Last weekend, as well as watching the Eurovision Song Contest, of course, we packed a lot of boxes (mostly stuffed with board games) and moved a… Continue reading

Jedward and the Aurochs


What a load of bull. Dan compares music by teen pop sensation Jedward with efforts to recreate extinct species of cattle, muses on the philosophy of identification, and pokes fun at Freddie Mercury. Moo! Continue reading

I’m Proud of the BBC!

I’m Proud of the BBC! [YouTube] It’s just this (and lousy weather) that keeps us together. With thanks to Katie for sharing. Well, that’ll be stuck in my head for a while. Full write-up (and photos) from this weekend’s fun and games coming soon.