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Looking for Wikipedia?

Dan explains how to get around the Wikipedia anti-SOPA/PIPA blackout, should you need to. Continue reading

Apples To Alternative Vote

The Earthlings invent a new and topical variant on board game Apples To Apples, to commemorate the upcoming Alternative Vote referendum. Continue reading

Democracy At Work

Earlier this week, I had a strange experience, but it requires a little bit of back story. Spend enough time with me, and you’ll hear me gripe about the problems of our democracy: the faults of the plurality voting system, gerrymandering and it’s long-term ripple… Continue reading

Interview Sarah Palin

Remember about four-and-a-bit years ago, I downloaded Dadadodo, which I described at the time as a “word disassociator?” The program itself is a Markov chain generator/randomiser that works on sentence structures: in other words, given some text (speeches, poetry, blog posts, whatever – other kinds… Continue reading

Six Pounds And Eighteen Pence

That’s how much better off I am per month than I was previously. Or, as I see it, three pints. Thank you, Gordon Brown.

The Aber Masterplan

Have you seen the Aber Masterplan yet? The Welsh Development Agency/Welsh Assembly Government/Ceredigion County Council document that takes a SimCity-like approach to planning the future development of Aberystwyth. No? You oughta. Here: download a copy [PDF]. It’s got some good bits. Re-routing some of the… Continue reading

No Right To Complain

There are lots of good arguments as to why an individual should vote: perhaps I’ll write about some of those later, and talk about my own personal experience of the system. In this blog post, instead, I’m going to talk about a very bed argument… Continue reading

Lib Dems In Ceredigion

Lib Dems win in Ceredigion over Plaid Cymru, by 219 votes, after a recount. Our little election party just took off…

A Diversion From The Election

Looking for a diversion from the fun of tonight’s vote-counting? Here’s Wikipedia‘s "List Of Frivolous Political Parties.

More Flash: “Second Term”

Jon has posted to his blog about "Second Term", JibJab‘s most recent parody of the American policial system (you’ll remember It’s Good To Be In D.C. and This Land, which I blogged about earlier). In any case, the versions you’ll find on JibJab and Yahoo… Continue reading