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@SelinaWilken: Sometimes I'll read horoscopes, and just go down the list until I find the one I like best. This month I'm Aquarius.

A long time ago, Dan dated a girl who would read several different horoscopes for her star sign, and pick the one she liked. And that wasn’t even the craziest thing about her. Continue reading

Surprises, e.g. a Brother-in-Law

Sarah and Richard announce to the rest of the family that they're now married.

While on the way to a stag night in Edinburgh, Dan stops to perform magic in Preston and is surprised to discover that his sister has secretly gotten married. Continue reading

Just One Q

Q from James Bond.

With the recent announcement that his friend Jimmy and his ex- Claire are engaged, Dan realises that he might somebody become the only person in the world with his surname. Continue reading

On This Day In 1999

In today’s On This Day, Dan looks back on bonfire night of 1999, the crushes of his younger years, and the excitement of a rambling adventure! Continue reading


Dan and Ruth celebrate five years together; Dan spots some curious numeric coincidences; and the pair of them think about throwing a party. Continue reading

Edinburgh 2012 – Day Six

Ruth. I'm proud of her.

Another day at the Edinburgh Fringe: comedy, whisky, a museum… and telling a room full of strangers about your unusual relationship configuration. Twice. Continue reading

Edinburgh 2012 – Day Five

Ruth discovers a police box and is inordinately excited.

Day five at the Edinburgh Fringe sees Ruth, JTA and Dan meet up with Matt’s new girlfriend, Hannah-Mae, watch more comedy shows, drink gin, and point foam guns at one another. Continue reading

Poly In The Media


The day before Valentine’s Day, Ruth, JTA and I gave an interview to a media and journalism student about the nature of our relationship. It went really well, and it pleased me a great deal to hear us all giving compatible answers to her questions, even on the few occasions when she asked us things that we haven’t really talked about before. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day


How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? Dan spent his with the people he loves the most, eating and drinking and being merry. Continue reading

Monogamy and Mathematics


Dan proposes an optimal solution for finding yourself the best partner for your monogamous relationship, using mathematics! He takes no responsibility for the quality of your relationships should you actually follow this advice. Continue reading