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The Nontheist Glossary


Dan talks about what the word “nontheism” means to him, as an umbrella term for a whole heap of other exciting words. He then goes on to criticise how he sees the word “nontheist” used today, in what he sees as further misuse of an already-confusing word. Continue reading



This blog post is about Marmite. Continue reading

Halloumi & Mushroom Skewers


After trying them at a barbeque the previous week, Dan raves about halloumi and mushroom skewers, which might well now be his favourite barbeque foodstuff. Continue reading

Seriously? A Scientologist?

In a surprising twist, Dan turns out to be a Scientologist. No, not really. But in a scary conclusion, the Belief-O-Matic thought that it was a possibility. Continue reading

Showing Some Pride


Dan, Paul, and Ruth take part in Oxford Pride, and Dan and Paul are caught at the parade by a reporter and photographer for the Oxford Mail. Continue reading

Manifold Greatness

Dan visits Manifold Greatness, an exhibition on the history of the translation of the King James Bible hosted by his new employer. Continue reading

Too Busy To Blog

So I shan’t tell you about all the fun and exciting (read: horrible and exhausting) things I’ve been up to lately. Instead, to keep you amused, here’s an animated GIF that amused me. That is all.

Four Things That Evolution Isn’t

I read this Chick Tract comic, recently. I’d seen them before, but for some reason it was this week, and this particular article, that riled me so much. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever before been quite so agitated by something as… Continue reading

QMoon Virtual Postcard #2

We arrived in Rome last night to find a city teeming with life. There’s a buzz everywhere, and a crowd whereever you look. Roma Termini, the central station, stretches for miles and is bustling with commuters and tourists, fighting their way through ticket office queues… Continue reading

Carbon Neutrality

Recently, Kit wrote about carbon offsetting, calling it wishful thinking at best – at worst, greenwash. In particular, he was looking at tree planting as a method of offsetting carbon emissions, because it’s the most popular method by far. Just this morning I passed a… Continue reading