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Craziest Internet Explorer Bug Ever?


Dan discovers a crazy little bug in Internet Explorer 8 and below, and complains loudly about it. Bloody IE. Continue reading

KeePass for Opera


Dan develops a browser plugin for Opera to allow the KeePass Password Safe to work with Opera 12+, after the Opera team remove the feature upon which many KeePass users depended. Continue reading


In Internetland, everybody has prosopagnosia. That’s why it’s so important that the people who live there treat their passwords with care. Dan tells a story about Alice, Bob, Eve, and an antiques store. Continue reading

Pay To Post

A screenshot of Facebook's new "Highlight" feature.

Facebook is to introduce a new feature that will allow you to pay to “promote” your posts above those of your friends’ other friends. Dan is reminded of Hashcash. Continue reading

On This Day In 2004


On this day in 2004, Dan finally handed in his dissertation on the subject of Three Rings. Since then, Three Rings has become the de facto standard for University Nightlines, and has also become the most popular rota management system for Samaritans branches and a variety of other helpline charities, too. Continue reading

Visitor Tracking Without Cookies (or How To Abuse HTTP 301s)

British Telecom's implementation of the new cookie laws. Curiously, if you visit their site using the Opera web browser, it assumes that you've given consent, even if you click the button to not do so.

A technique for abusing HTTP 301 redirects and random numbers to uniquely track users; even those who have cookies disabled in their web browsers. Continue reading

Moving Things Around With CSS Transitions

My head "pops up" in the top-left hand corner of the site, and hides when you hover your mouse cursor over it.

The “pop-up head” in the top-left hand corner of the page is powered entirely by CSS: no Javascript is used at all. Dan explains how. Continue reading

A New Look


Dan redesigns the theme for scatmania.org, returning to sans-serif fonts and shades of blue… plus a few modern CSS features that he’d wanted to play with… Continue reading

8-Bit Google Maps

Google Maps have started providing an “8-Bit Edition”, with retro-RPG-style map graphics, Dan observes. Continue reading

On This Day In 2011


As part of the On This Day series, Dan looks back over the last year that he’s been running FreeDeedPoll.org.uk, a service that makes it easy and painless for British citizens to change their name (and have that name legally-recognised) Continue reading