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Surprises, e.g. a Brother-in-Law

Sarah and Richard announce to the rest of the family that they're now married.

While on the way to a stag night in Edinburgh, Dan stops to perform magic in Preston and is surprised to discover that his sister has secretly gotten married. Continue reading

Three Parties

Matthew and Katherine cut the cake in the garden of the Quaker Meeting House.

After three consecutive weekends of parties, it’s no wonder than Dan’s so tired. Andy’s birthday, Earth’s Summer Party, and a wedding. Continue reading

Liz & Simon


Last weekend was the wedding of Dan’s friends Liz and Simon. Here are some of the highlights. Continue reading

Remember Go Ape?


When we went to Go Ape at the tail end of Ruth & JTA’s Stag/Hen Weekend party, we had no idea that we’d have such an impact on one little girl as we evidently did. Maybe we should dress as superheroes when we go to Go Ape next time (in March!), too… Continue reading

The Wedding – Unanswered Questions

Photos from Ruth & JTA’s recent wedding, as a “teaser” to keep you on the edge of your seat until the bride and groom get around to actually announcing that the photos have been published, and where you can see them. Continue reading

The Wedding – Feedback

Ruth & JTA haven’t gotten around to blogging about their wedding since it happened, yet, and I’ve so far failed to make available copies of many of the photographs I’ve been sent (although you can find a link to a few photos on this page)… Continue reading

Action Stations!

It’s the morning of the wedding. Somehow I’ve found myself only the smallest number of tasks to be responsible for between now and the ceremony itself, at 10am, but I’m sure we’ll find some way to make that balloon soon enough! My primary mission in… Continue reading

Off to a Wedding!

Ruth, JTA and I are on our way to Telford where, tomorrow, they’ll be married. Ruth is bouncing with excitement. The car’s chock-full of suits and dresses and cases and wedding favours. It’s been a crazy few weeks and a crazy morning, but the ball’s… Continue reading

Hectic (so let’s look at Paul, instead of writing a proper blog post)

Between SmartData work, Three Rings work, freelance work, strange new bits of voluntary work, and the rapidly-looming wedding between Ruth & JTA (along with handling all of the crises that come with that, like the two mentioned on the wedding blog and the threat of… Continue reading

Ruth & JTA’s Stag/Hen Party Weekend, Part III

With their wedding just around the corner, Ruth and JTA had a combined stag/hen party weekend, a couple of weeks back. You’ve probably already seen part one and part two – here’s the finale! Click on pictures if you want to see them larger. Sunday… Continue reading