Monthly Archives: August 2003


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Kit so happy. I’ve never seen Kit so loved-up. Aren’t humans interesting? This blog post was later featured in an On This Day revisit, in a blog post in 2010.


A week of no more than 5½ hours sleep a night led me to caffienation as an aid to get any work done, this week. It’s kept me awake to work, but has made me feel wierd and unwell, and last night, OD’d, had me… Continue reading

The Most Terrifying Thing A Web Developer Will Ever See

Want to see something quite terrifying: DHTML Lemmings. I kid you not – this is scary shit, particularly when you realise that it’s all being done client-side, using script, over the web: no Flash, no Applets, no ActiveX <spits> – just pure unadulterated CSS and… Continue reading

Beach Party Gone Bad

We walked back over the dunes from Ynyslas beach. I lead the way, planning to reach the car, drop off my bags, then go back and help Kit and Paul, who were struggling with most of the remaining barbeque gear. A few minutes behind me… Continue reading

Online Banking

NatWest phoned me today in response to my complaint the other day that their online bankings service refused to support Opera, my web browser of choice, seemingly for no good reason. I threatened to take my account elsewhere. Regardless, they’ve promised to look into it… Continue reading


As Kit relates, too, we made a fab chilli con carne (and, using Quorn mince, a ‘chilli non carne’ for Paul). Recipe as below (feel free to steal, adapt etc.): AUGUST CHILLI serves 8 1 225g tin chopped tomato 1 5-portion bottle “sundried tomato” pasta… Continue reading

Reb Leaves The Country!

It turns out that Reb (my ex-) was trying to get in touch with me to tell me that she was leaving the country: she’d decided on Saturday night that she wanted to tell me that today (Tuesday) she’d be leaving the UK to go… Continue reading


Been excessivley busy this last week: lots and lots of work. Pulled a 16-and-a-half hour work day on Wednesday, fixing the entire network where my co-workers were unable to. It’s a lot nicer now. In other news, I won an eBay auction for a copy… Continue reading

A Vasectospectacular Mistake

So this Brazillian man with a ear infection goes in for surgery, and, as a result of his sore ear, mis-hears the name announced in the doctor’s waiting room, and accidently gets a vasectomy. What? Didn’t he think anything of it when the doctor applied… Continue reading

Dating Agency Stupidity

I saw this dating site today (don’t ask how I came accross that in my daily webtrawl)… the page in question has two major flaws: 1. Why would a dating company offer a “lifetime membership”? If they were truly any good at what they did… Continue reading