Monthly Archives: August 2004

Arriva And The Bus Route Of Doom

Missed my bug this morning. It seems that Arriva carried out some changes to the local bus timetables at the weekend. This much I knew about. I also know that my bus would now be leaving the bus station at 0740 (rather than the 0750… Continue reading

Amazon Pre-Order For Half-Life 2

I can’t believe that it’s been 13 and a half months since I pre-ordered Half-Life 2 on Amazon. I went to check on my order earlier today: It seems that my delivery estimate hasn’t been fixed – I can still (apparently) expect to receive my… Continue reading

Bryn – Afro Man!

Picture removed. The joke’s gotten old. – Dan, 5th June 2007

The Internet As An Art Form – The Infinite Cat Project

Just came across the Infinite Cat Project. The premise is simple: take a picture of your cat looking at the current picture on the web site, and send it in, and it will become the current picture. The first cat is Frankie: just click Next… Continue reading

Troma Night Website Integrates With Abnib

Woo and indeed hoo! I’m really starting to enjoy programming RSS feeds into my web sites now. I’ve just done a little bit of recoding of the Troma Night website to allow the newly-relaunched Aberystwyth weblog aggregator, Abnib, to syndicate it. Now, Abnib will show… Continue reading

How Am I Coding?

Abnib’s Back!

(much thanks due to Gareth) Abnib, the Aberystwyth Weblog Aggregator (bringing you niblets of the best of Aber’s weblogs) is back online, after months of absence. Take a look and see who you recognise. Haven’t quite gotten around to putting everybody’s ‘mugshots’ in there (as… Continue reading

Belt Buckle Shows Highlights Of Crazy Search Results

This is just crazy. Some mad geeks have adapted a Pocket PC into a hip 80s-esque belt buckle, such that it displays a scrolling list of popular web search terms of the last 24 hours, live… at your crotch. I have no idea what the… Continue reading

Thunderbirds Are… NO!

I saw Thunderbirds at the cinema last night. Jeez; was that awful. Unlike Bryn (who’s complained at length about the film already), I’m not a long-standing fan of the original TV series, and so the film didn’t ‘ruin’ it for me (although I did notice… Continue reading

How Google Could De-Throne AIM, And Other Geeky News

There’s an article on how Google could overthrow AIM/ICQ, and perhaps even MSN Messenger, from their dominant positions in the instant messenger market, and improve internet standards usage and accessibility, by releasing thier own instant messenger tool powered by the (wonderful) Jabber protocol. It’s a… Continue reading