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Hello 2013: My Birthday

A tealight candle burning in the dark.

Dan managed to spend the afternoon of his birthday away from his computer and in the pub… but only because his office caught fire! This, and more from Dan’s early-January trip to London. Continue reading

Days Like Weeks


Dan keeps himself busy with the latest Three Rings release, the Three Rings 10th Birthday Conference, a counselling exam, and the UK Bus Awards. Phew! Continue reading

Three Parties

Matthew and Katherine cut the cake in the garden of the Quaker Meeting House.

After three consecutive weekends of parties, it’s no wonder than Dan’s so tired. Andy’s birthday, Earth’s Summer Party, and a wedding. Continue reading

Argh! It Burns! Night 2012


The Earthlings celebrate their second Argh! It Burns! Night, with a meal of haggis, neeps, and tatties, lots of whisky, and readings of some of the worst fanfiction imaginable. Continue reading

New Computer #2 – Dana


Dana is the second of the two new computers Dan’s acquired this month. She’s tiny, reasonably-powerful, and uses almost no electricity. Continue reading

Village Of The Bunnies

To celebrate his birthday, Dan is joined by Ruth in an effort to construct a diorama of a gingerbread village under assault from enormous gelatinous bunny rabbits. Alcohol may have been involved. Continue reading

Instead Of Blogging…


In a declaration of ‘blog bankruptcy’, Dan lists all of the topics that he’d hoped to have blogged about during the last (very busy!) month, and gets on with writing about other things. He’s been busy! Continue reading

Thirty – Part Two

Following his 30th birthday party, Dan shares a few thoughts about his recent melancholy mood, and how much this was improved by what was a cracking little party. Continue reading

Thirty – Part One


On his 30th birthday, the other Earthlings threw Dan a surprise party. Which wasn’t much of a surprise, because one of the guests hadn’t realised that it was supposed to be a secret and had let the cat out of the bag. Nonetheless, a great time was had by all, and the night wasn’t entirely without its surprises… Continue reading

On This Day In 1999

Looking Back On this day in 1999 I sent out the fourth of my Cool Thing Of The Day To Do In Aberystwyth e-mails. I wasn’t blogging at the time (although I did have a blog previously), but I felt that it would be nice to… Continue reading