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Just One Q

Q from James Bond.

With the recent announcement that his friend Jimmy and his ex- Claire are engaged, Dan realises that he might somebody become the only person in the world with his surname. Continue reading

Hello, Facebook; Goodbye, Facebook


Inspired mostly by his experiences with Facebook over the last few weeks, Dan decides that it’s time to hang up his Wall and quit. Goodbye, Facebook. There’s also instructions in this post about how to keep in touch with him, if you’ve forgotten how to do that outside of repeatedly clicking “Poke” on his page. Continue reading

Banned From Facebook


Dan gets banned from Facebook, for being too awesome. Or something. He wasn’t really paying attention to the reason, because he was distracted by all of the adverts and clutter that Facebook’s full of, these days. Continue reading

On This Day In 2009

Looking Back On this day in 2009 I’d just announced that Claire and I had broken up after our seven year relationship. I attacked Virgil‘s omnia vincit amor (love conquers all), countering that our love for one another was not sufficient to prevent the difficulties… Continue reading

Saying Goodbye

Just thought I’d briefly share all of the different ways I’ve been saying goodbye to Aberystwyth and the people there, along with some photos: Goodbye Friends I’d hoped to make a proper blog post about the barbeque/bonfire we’d had to “see of” JTA and I… Continue reading

The Break-Up

Yesterday, Claire and I broke up. We’ve had several rough months, and several even rougher weeks, and this seemed to be the best solution to a variety of difficulties we’ve faced recently. It’s hard to answer the question as to whether the split could be… Continue reading

Foods That Begin With The Letter Q

To mark the second anniversary of QParty, I thought I’d cook Claire and I a meal consisting of foods that begin with the letter Q. How hard can it be, right? Turns out it’s more difficult than you might first expect. My first thought was… Continue reading

I’ve Been Q’ing For A Year Now

Post Offices, eh? But those aside, it’s now been a year since Claire and I changed our surnames to the letter “Q”. Here’s a quick look back: The Good Things It still feels like it’s “ours,” and something that’s ours alone – a great sense… Continue reading

QParty – Part 2 – The Party

After extended delays, here’s the remainder of my "looking back at QParty" post. The party kicked off at 6pm, and guests trickled in over about about half hour to either side, which gave Claire and I ample time to try to greet everybody as they… Continue reading

QParty – Part 1 – Before The Party

Well, it’s been three weeks since QParty (and the heap of blog posts it generated) and about thirty weeks since Claire and I changed our names to Q, and I suppose it’s time to write my piece about QParty itself – I was stalling on… Continue reading