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Hug An Asexual


Go hug an asexual. That’s Dan’s message for you today, on Asexual Awareness Week. Or, if you can’t manage that, he’s got an even more fun mission for you. Continue reading

Work Calendar [NSFW?]


Dan is momentarily alarmed by an abstract art piece – supposedly inspired by a flower – that appears in his office’s calendar. Might be NSFW? Continue reading

Beware: Necrophiliac Paramedics!

If Dan is killed on his way to work and his lifeless body is raped by a necrophiliac paramedic, it’s JTA’s fault. You read it here first. Continue reading


Just when I think that I’ve gotten the hang of humans, they do something even stranger than ever before. There’s a new fragrance for men that’s about to be hitting perfume counters around Europe: Vulva Original [NSFW]. Just… click the link, and watch the video… Continue reading

BiCon 2009

This weekend, I was at BiCon 2009 (my third BiCon – I guess that makes it a tradition), and it was awesome. Here’s a short summary of the highs and lows: Travel Worcester’s closer than I remembered, and – once Claire‘d gotten used to the… Continue reading

Ten Weirdest Sex Toys I’ve Ever Seen [NSFW]

This was one of my most-popular articles in 2009. If you enjoyed it, you might also enjoy: A dirty-looking calendar I found at work (2011). My beliefs about why it’s wrong to lie to children about Santa (2009), complete with pictures of naughty elves. An argument… Continue reading


Saddlebacking. I laughed. Awesome work, Dan.

Savage Love Readers Talk About The Campsite Rule

As some of you no doubt know, I’m a huge fan of Savage Love, the world’s coolest sex, love, and relationships advice column. A few weeks ago, author Dan Savage revisited his “campsite rule,” which can be summarised thusly: If you’re in a sexual relationship… Continue reading

Orgasms And Biochemistry

Just read a great article on brain activity during sexual stimulation and specifically upon orgasm: scanning people’s brains while they’re engaged in sexual activity with their partners has lead to some fascinating results. From the article: In men, greater activity was seen in the insula,… Continue reading


[this post was lost during a server failure on Sunday 11th July 2004; it was recovered on 21st March 2012] How frustrating is it to write 5 CDs for clients, only to discover an error in some SQL scripts on them that mean that they… Continue reading