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Movie Title Mash-Ups

Cougar Town characters playing Penny Can.

Dan and Ruth spend the greatest part of an evening playing “Movie Title Mash-Up”, the second-silliest social game to come out of TV show Cougar Town. Continue reading

A Three-Sentence Review Of Looper

A three-sentence review of Looper, the second-best of the three films in which Bruce Willis travels back in time and encounters a younger version of himself. Continue reading

Three Films I’d Watch (if anybody made them)

Knights of the Living Dead

Dan pitches three movie ideas: “Knights of the Living Dead” (a twisted form of the Arthurian legends, with zombies), “My Daughter’s Hand” (a story of love, homophobia, and family), and “The Bone Wars” (a dramatisation of the real-life rivalry of two of the Victorian era’s most-famous palaeontologists). Continue reading

Quiet On Set


When you watch The Quiet Ones, listen out for Dan cycling past, complaining the whole way about the film crew that have taken up camp between him and his office. Continue reading

Worst Weekend Of Cinema – Part 2

Piranha 3DD. Twice the terror. Double the D's.

In another bad cinema experience, Dan ends up watching the truly dreadful Piranha 3DD. Continue reading

Worst Weekend Of Cinema – Part 1

Avengers Assemble.

Dan goes to the cinema with Ruth and JTA, and they don’t watch a film. However, they do have a good old complain. Continue reading

Star Wars – Machete Order

Darth Vader

Ruth, JTA, and Dan watch the Star Wars series in Machete Order – that is, episodes IV, V, II, III, then VI. Continue reading

The Artist


Dan and Ruth go to the cinema to see The Artist, and Dan shares his thoughts on it. Continue reading

On This Day In 1999


It’s 12 years to the day since Dan first downloaded a copy of The Matrix, whose massive 1.4GB bulk ate up virtually all of his spare hard drive space. How quickly these things become obsolete. Continue reading

First Class Film

Dan watches X-Men: First Class, and spots his office in the background during a part of the film. No; not the part with the battle between the jetfighter and the levitating submarine. Continue reading