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The Hardest Hangman

A hanged man being quartered by his executioner.

What’s the hardest possible word to guess in Hangman? Many have wondered, but Dan felt the need to find out for sure. Continue reading

Movie Title Mash-Ups

Cougar Town characters playing Penny Can.

Dan and Ruth spend the greatest part of an evening playing “Movie Title Mash-Up”, the second-silliest social game to come out of TV show Cougar Town. Continue reading

What’s Wrong With Monopoly?

Monopoly (British Edition) in its current branding

Monopoly enjoys cult status and a massive following the world over, yet it’s one of the worst imaginable board games. In a long-promised blog post, Dan explains why he hates the world’s most-popular game. Continue reading

Non-transitive Games

A "Grimes" style set of 3 non-transitive dice. Notice the unusual numbering.

Dan learns about non-transitive games, writes a program to calculate the probabilities of winning a non-transitive dice game, and gives you a non-transitive coin game to play for yourself! Continue reading

Counterfeit Monkey

Counterfeit Monkey

Earlier this year, Dan played Emily Short’s latest interactive fiction game, Counterfeit Monkey, and decided that it was among the best games of its type that he’s played in years. You should play it, too. Continue reading

Edinburgh 2012 – Day Four

(Veggie) haggis stovie (in a mug), a bowl of oatcakes, and a pint of beer.

Dan, Ruth and JTA trek out to Leith and get very wet. And play disappointing board games. But they do get some good beer and delicious food. Continue reading

Three Parties

Matthew and Katherine cut the cake in the garden of the Quaker Meeting House.

After three consecutive weekends of parties, it’s no wonder than Dan’s so tired. Andy’s birthday, Earth’s Summer Party, and a wedding. Continue reading


Bee, by Emily Short

Dan finally finds time to play Emily Short’s new Varytale work, “Bee”, and has some heartwarming things to say about this most-unusual game. Continue reading

Fetch Quest


Dan muses on the nature of the “fetch quest” in video game RPGs, and how we as a culture may be shaped by them to such a point that they will one day become acceptable in the real world, not just on computer screens. And he plans to take advantage of that fact, when the day comes. Continue reading

Video Games I Have Been Playing – Part Two


Following up on his previous video games post, Dan finishes reviewing a handful of the games he’s been playing this month. Continue reading